Sample Partial Travel Equipment List:

Canon C-300 or Sony Xdcam EX1r
Canon DSLR for timelapse
GoPro for vehicle mounts
-Lite panels camera light
-Sachtler tripod
-2 Chimera soft boxes with 1000, 750 and 500 watt lamps
-Dedo background light with projector attachment for patterns
-2 Lowel-lights with home-plates for backlight, balance for Ultimatte screens
-42" Flex silk and Flex-fill white, black, silver
-Extension cords
-Audio mixer with umbilical cable and quick disconnect
-2 Lectrosonic wirelesses with Trams or Sankens
-Sennheiser boom mike with Rycote softie, power supply, boom pole and cables
-2 sets Sony 3506 headsets
-Make-up kit
-Travel stools for quick interview
-Adapter kit for foreign travel
-Small grip kit and tool kit.

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